Joelle’s Hallmark Shop

The retail industry has changed dramatically in the 24 years since Joelle’s Hallmark on Kirchoff Road began serving customers, but owner Anthony Brescia’s commitment to personalized customer service has ensured that this family-owned business always treats its customers as extended family.

“After almost 25 years, it’s impossible to think of our customers as anything other than family,” he explained.  “We know many of them by name, and plenty of others by their buying preferences.  Those relationships help us offer merchandise that appeals to their distinct tastes.”

Joelle’s Hallmark offers a wide selection of products that goes far beyond greeting cards: it features everything from collectible figurines and jewelry to home décor and apparel (scarves, hats, purses, etc.)  The store’s appearance and layout continually evolve, and new merchandise lines help attract new generations of shoppers.

However, holidays and special occasions remain a significant part of the store’s business.  “I live my life holiday to holiday, rather than year-to-year,” Mr. Brescia said with a laugh.

Years ago, Mr. Brescia worked for his father’s direct mail business.  His mother, Dora, enjoyed collecting figurines, and he would often help her find them at area shops – including Hallmark stores.  The connections Mr. Brescia made during those treasure hunts played a large role in his decision to pursue success as a small business owner.

Mr. Brescia named the store after his wife, Joelle, who grew up in Rolling Meadows and often helps with buying and merchandising decisions.

Joelle’s Hallmark Shop

3118 Kirchoff Road (Jewel Shopping Center)


Joelle’s Hallmark Shop